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Dear Bracelet Enthusiast,

In the next 10 minutes you could be learning how to make exquisite bracelets that costs less than purchasing them at retail stores.

Bracelet Making 1

But before that, do you face any of the following barricades in your bracelet making endeavors:

Bracelet Making 2

      • Are you tired of overly priced bracelets?
      • Have you tried working out your own magic to create bracelets, but end up with botched creations?
      • Are you disappointed with bracelet gurus showing you how to make the same patterns of bracelet with minor variations in material and color?
      • Are you tired of spending a fortune buying materials just for a single piece of bracelet?

Bracelet Making 3

Facing The Following Challenges Too?

      • There are various how-to on making bracelets, but most patterns are repetitive and lack innovation.
      • Your time is wasted on trying to put a piece together with hard to understand instructions that leave out critical information.

      Bracelet Making 4

      • You basically end up with deformed creations that you rather keep them closed in your bead box, than showing anyone else.

      Bracelet Making 5

      • You are probably frustrated with instructions on wrong measurements and tools to use, causing your creations to turn out horribly.

Well, you are not alone! I understand your pain as I was in the same shoes as you before!

My name is Alakendra Phary, owner of Dome Creations and a bracelet making enthusiast.

I have been making bracelets for the past several years as a hobby.

I like you, have spent most of my life looking for the holy grail that would allow me to finally create SPELLBINDING BRACELETS!

Bracelet Making 6

Unfortunately, because I was an amateur bracelet maker, I figured my creations were not in par with “masterpieces” created by professional bracelet makers and designers!

But..Being An Amateur Bracelet MakerWasn’t Going To Stop ME!

I followed all the basics I’d learned from every guidebook I could find.

I tried every tutorial, and took part in every bracelet making classes.

Bracelet Making 7

I bought all the bracelet making guides I could spend my hard earned money on, and followed every bracelet guru who offered guidance… but NOTHING WORKED!

Then, I discovered the COLD HARD TRUTH about why I simply couldn’t make unique spellbinding bracelets easily.


Here's WHY

Most bracelet guides and tutorials repeat the same patterns.

It’s difficult to find unique out of the box patterns and how-to guides.

Often what you do find are instructions that don’t make sense, the patterns leave out critical information and often skip important details.

Bracelet Making 8

No wonder learning how to make bracelets “seemed like a steep climb up the EVEREST!”

One way to deal to avoid spending a TON OF MONEY on attending bracelet making classes or buying bracelet making guides is to follow free online guides and videos.

I used to spend hours daily browsing online tutorials and YouTube videos on making bracelets for free.

I know that’s what I decided to do.

At first I was all enthusiastic by the dozens of online tutorials and videos offering free bracelet making guides.

Bracelet Making 9

I downloaded a bunch of them, and was really excited at the prospect of making my own bracelets, not just for me, but for my family, friends and my SECRET CRUSH TOO!

Until I got started…..

That’s when I discovered a couple of unfortunate things about online bracelet making tutorials..

        • First, every guide had similar bracelet patterns and the instructions were not well documented.

        Bracelet Making 10

        • There was no variety and the designs lacked creativity.
        • There was a lack of illustrative pictures to demonstrate the steps. Besides most skipped critical information and left out important details.

        Bracelet Making 11

Most Bracelet Making Guides Were


The truth is I have spent a ton of time looking online browsing guides, magazines, newsletters and watching YouTube videos.

Bracelet Making 12

Most of them just left with more questions than answers.

But worse – the instructions that came with guides were so bad, my end piece weren’t just disappointing, they were downright ridiculous!

Well, I was pretty disappointed by the third-rate “masterpieces” I got from my free online guides, to say the least.

Then it struck upon me! Bracelet Making 13

Why should I follow guides from the so called “bracelet gurus” when I have years of solid experience in creating my own bracelets?

Instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn’t find the bracelet making guides that I wanted, I’d just have to develop them myself.

Bracelet Making 14

I have taught few of my friends on how to make bracelets before, and they have successfully learnt some of my tips and tricks.

I can make my own guide the way I think is proper.

I am an avid collector of bracelets made in remote cultures from every corner of the world!

I’ve collected UNIQUE designs inspirations from my travels around the globe.  

Bracelet Making 15

I’ve also learnt how these bracelets were created.

My Bracelet Pilgrimage Paid Off!

Well, it took me months to compile the guide on a list of bracelets.

Bracelet Making 16I kept refining on the step-by-step guide ensuring each step is clearly defined with the right information.

I lost count on the number of hours I sat at my work table to take hundreds of pictures to illustrate the steps (poor me :-()

But I kept creating and tweaking – throwing out bad design, and working on the good ones – until, before I knew it…

I had developed over 96 solid pages of guide accompanied by 119 high quality photos for a variety of unique bracelet designs!

Bracelet Making 17

Finally, I was satisfied that I had created the best and most extensive compilation on how to make bracelets.

Bracelet Making 18

Now, I was ready to start creating bracelets from my own custom guide…

….and giving my very own bracelets gifts to my friends and family.

And, boy they were a hit!

Now, you have the opportunity to tap into my comprehensive resources in making bracelet

Bracelet Making 19

Bracelet Mastery

Step-By-Step Guide to Making Bracelet

Bracelet Making 20

Bracelet Making 21

When you’re ready to make your own unique bracelets, what you need is a resource that doesn’t just give copies of the same old bracelet designs everyone else has.

What’s the point of making bracelets that everyone (including Angeline Jolie) is wearing?

And this is where Bracelet Mastery – Step-By-Step to Making Bracelets is entirely different

Bracelet Mastery Gives You Real Tips And Sound Advice

Bracelet Making 22

        • Discover how easy it for absolute beginners to create artful bracelets with easy, simplified, step-by-step instructions which you can absorb within your own time frame.

        Bracelet Making 23

        • Learn from 96 solid pages with the exact information you need to make your own bracelets.
        • Simulate steps from 119 high quality pictures detailing each instructional step of the various bracelets.
        • Never be left out in equipping yourself the know-how to create basic bracelets prominent among bracelet enthusiast and the local marketplace.

        Bracelet Making 24

        • Easily create any type of bracelet by understanding basic and advanced knotting techniques.
        • Discover the thrill of creating unique cultural bracelets that can set you apart from other bracelet making peers.

        Bracelet Making 25

        • Easily avoid the potentially damaging effects of creating horrible bracelets by not having enough information beforehand on materials and tools required.
        • Benefit from creating magnificent bracelets which are cheap, by knowing types of affordable materials to use, where to source for them and how to use them eloquently.

        Bracelet Making 26

        • Treat your loved ones to beautiful, personalized gifts using beading techniques to create astounding beaded bracelets.
        • Discover new, exciting, contemporary and classic patterns shown to you in photo form with easy to follow instructions.

        Bracelet Making 27

        • Heighten the exquisite nature of your bracelet designs by following outlined simple steps.
        • Enjoy creating a variety of bracelets by learning the history, inspiration and design aspect behind each bracelet.
        • Discover the best kind of cords to use depending on the type and pattern of bracelet you are creating.

        Bracelet Making 28

        • Gain an understanding on the best way to blend colors when using cords and beads, and learn how to trust your own creative eye for color and form.


But..You Might Be Asking Yourself

Bracelet Making 30

                                 Bracelet Making 31  Bracelet Making Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making     Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making

If you were to read all the guides I’ve read, and spend all the time browsing online for tutorials that I did… you could easily invest countless wandering hours!

Bracelet Making

Depending on the value you place on your time…your investment to learn what I’ve learned could take you multiple weeks or even months.

There are guides just on patterns. There are online sources that offer you instructions.

Yes, you can find information on bracelet making yourself, if you spend your valuable time — going through poorly made guides, doing internet searches, asking friends, going to classes — over time you can find out SOME of this information.

Bracelet Making

And then you can patch it together for yourself.

How precious is your TIME? How much of it do you have to throw around?

Do you like playing DETECTIVE, or would you rather just get on and start unleashing your bracelet making creativity?

Bracelet Making


                          Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making      Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

 Bracelet Making An average decent bracelet costs about $15 to $45 at retail and jewelry stores. For our case study, the Starfish Beaded Leather Zen Bracelet from costs about $21.98. The bracelet costs around the same price at most online, retail and jewelry stores.

What if you were to make this bracelet on your own, by buying the materials from online jewelry supplies stores or at a nearby retail store?

Let’s make a quick calculation on how much it costs you to make a single bracelet. For the Starfish Beaded Leather Zen Bracelet, the following supplies are needed:


20 x Mixed Colored Wooden Beads ($2.45)

1 x Decorative Ceramic Bead ($0.55)

2 x Silver Hematite Beads ($0.20)

2 x Transparent Stop Beads ($0.10)

1 x Silvertone Metal Starfish Dangle Bead ($0.23)

1 x 8 cm Decorative Imitation Gold Chain ($0.80) 

1 x 26 cm x 6 mm Leather Strand ($1.40)

2 x 26 cm x 2 mm Blue Waxed Cotton Cord ($0.05)

1 x 26 cm x 1 mm Brown Waxed Cotton Cord ($0.03)

1 x 10 cm x 2 mm Maroon Waxed Cotton Cord ($0.02)

1 x 10 cm x 2 mm Green Waxed Cotton Cord ($0.02)

*All prices were quoted from:,,

So, now let’s take a look at the math

Total Cost To Make Your Own Bracelet = $5.85

Total Cost Saved From Purchasing =$21.98 – $5.85 = $16.13

Total Cost % Saved =($16.13 / $21.98) x 100% = 73.4 %

Now, I’m not trying to give you a math lecture here…But…


That is why the powerful step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques I have carefully laid out in my illustrated eBook Bracelet Mastery would be a huge bargain since you can start making your own bracelets at a much lower cost!

Bracelet Making

The regular retail price of Bracelet Mastery will be $86.50 which is an incredible deal when you consider that you will easily save that much money the very first time you start making bracelets… but that is NOT how much you will have to pay today.

You see, there is nothing such as the “Bracelet Mastery – Step-By-Step to Making Bracelets” in the market currently, Bracelet Mastery was recently updated and I want to get some immediate feedback and testimonials.

If You Order BeforeApril 25thAt Midnight

You Will Receive An


That means you can own the “Bracelet Mastery – Step-By-Step to Making Bracelets” for the massively discounted price of $25.95!

I’m offering to you a concrete well outlined bracelet making guide, essential for your success in creating astounding pieces of bracelet for an unbelievable price of just $25.95!

Bracelet Making

Now I know that $25.95 is a great deal and you could take advantage of this huge discount without ever sending me your feedback so I am relying on your honesty.

Bracelet Making

This discount is based on an honor system and trusting that you will send me your feedback sometime in the next 60 days, which reminds me…

I’ve created three brand new guides that I also want your feedback on, so for a very limited time I am going to gift them to you at NO extra cost but the same rules apply…

If I include this at no cost to you, I trust you will send me your feedback and testimonial if you are satisfied.


Valued At $195.45Are Yours ForBracelet Making

Just For Trying My Guide

But just to sweeten the pot, I’ve ALSO decided to include THREE powerful Limited Time Bonuses for FREE.

They will give you a good jump-start towards creating masterpiece bracelets and jewelry.

Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

LIMITED TIME BONUS #1: ($59.75)  


The Complete Guide to Beads


Beads are essentials of jewelry making, especially in constructing your very own bracelet.

Bracelet Making They represent — an epitome of allure and enchantment to its admirers.

This complete guide gives you a preview of over 23 different beads!

Beads have been interconnecting artworks true mesmerizing nature for centuries.

Be interconnected with beads with this complete guide to an array of beads – the common ones and the EXCLUSIVE hidden gems!

Bracelet Making

Includes guidance on bead shapes and sizes, beading needles and introduction to basic beading techniques.  

Be the MASTER in mix matching various beads to suit your jewelry design!

You will NOT only be acquainted with the specifications (materials, sizes and so forth) but also the history and background of each type of bead!

Giving you an exceptional edge to jewelry making.



Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making



Workbench Companion to Jewelry Making Techniques

Ever wanted to create dazzling jewelry creations, but don’t have the necessary foundational skills?

Bracelet Making

The Ornament Factory is equipped with basic yet essential introduction to jewelry making tools and wire workings.

Solidify your groundings on the techniques which almost all bracelet and jewelry making requires.

This COMPREHENSIVE jewelry techniques guide gives your jewelry making skills to work on wonders!

The Ornament Factory includes 37 solid pages of workbench companion equipped with a wealth of diagrams, tables and high quality pictures to assist your learning process.

Bracelet Making Teach yourself wire working including; making wire loops, wrapped loops and wire spirals.

Be exposed to various jewelry making tools and accessories.

Acquaint yourself on determining the right bracelets, bangles and necklaces sizes to make!

This complete companion comes with step by step instructions to help you BOOST your jewelry making skills!

Marvel your friends and family with exceptional pieces of bracelets and jewelry with your newly found skills…



Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making



This extremely valuable new bonus is your complete reference to friendship bracelet patterns.

Bracelet Making

Includes an array of enchanting variety of friendship bracelet patterns providing you an avenue to materialize your creativity!

Some of the most unique, spellbinding patterns are included in this guide!

The Friendship Bracelet Book of Patterns includes 40 pages of comprehensive guide.

Bracelet Making

Right from thread & strands, basic knot for friendship bracelets and step by step diagram-based instruction to making Chevron Friendship Bracelet as an initial demonstration.

Followed by, a variety of 25 patterns encompassing exotic ones such as the Venetian Crystal Dove, Monogram Abbey and Byzantine Armory.

These patterns comes with an overall pattern outlay and an accompanying string to row diagram helps putting your work of magic into play!


You Literally Have NOTHING To

Lose When You Try This Guide!

Bracelet Making If you’re still not 100% sure if this guide is exactly what you need to jumpstart your bracelet making skills, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee….

If you take the first step and claim your copy of Bracelet Mastery but can’t immediately put the strategies to make the bracelets that were carefully selected and outlined, just let me know.

Bracelet Making

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund… even if it’s 60 days from today (or even longer!).

I’ll even let you keep the $195.45 worth of bonuses that I’m offering you as my thanks for giving my guide a try…

It’s that simple.

Get Started Making Bracelets

In The Next Five Minutes..

Bracelet Making  You either want to create beautiful bracelets or you don’t. The choice is yours!

Bracelet Making

If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

Bracelet Making

But if you’re serious about making bracelets that captivates, then you really only have one choice.

Whip out your wallet, and invest the $25.95. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose.

But remember…Bracelet Making

…the longer you wait, the longer you will be constrained by incomplete guides giving wrong instructions on making bracelets. Completely unnecessary.

So let’s get started.

Remember: If you’re not thrilled with my guidebook, just let me know within thenext 60 days- pay nothing, and keep the $195.45 Limited Time Bonus Package that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide. 

Bracelet Making

You’ll receive instructions for downloading your copy of Bracelet Mastery and the bonuses, directly to your email inbox within the next 5 minutes!

So Let’s Quickly Summarize

Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making “Bracelet Mastery – Step-By-Step Guide to Making Bracelets” including step-by-step guide accompanied by 119 high quality instructional pictures, with listed materials and tools to use, and the history and background of each bracelet. (Regular Price: $86.50)


Bracelet Making “Beads Oasis – The Complete Guide to Beads” includes a wide variety of beads, introducing you to the materials they made from and the background behind each beads. Plus, introductory to bead shapes and sizes and beading techniques. (Regular Price: $59.75)


Bracelet Making “The Ornament Factory – Workbench Companion to JewelryMaking Techniques”make every possible jewelry with foundational jewelry making skills, acquaint yourself with basic jewelry making tools and supplies, and determine jewelry sizes. (Regular Price: $69.95)

Bracelet Making “The Friendship Bracelet Book of Patterns”includes 25 unique friendship bracelet patterns, plus learn the basic knot and as a demonstration learn on how to make the basic Chevron Friendship Bracelet. (Regular Price: $65.75)

 Bracelet Making


For Only Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making Bracelet Making Bracelet Making Bracelet Making Bracelet Making  Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

But you need to act fast. Like I said, I’m only making this offer available untilApril 25th at midnight after which point I reserve the right to increase the price and remove the bonus items.

You Have Nothing To Lose!

Bracelet Making

Bracelet Making

But I understand purchasing guides like this online can be a little unnerving.

I cannot count the times I have spent my hard earned money on a course or eBook only to be massively disappointed.

And that’s why I am going to take away ALL of the risk….

I am so confident that when you sign-up and get instant access to everything I listed above you will be ecstatic with the incredible guide I am providing.

But if forANYreason in the next 60 days if you were unableto learn how to make bracelets withBracelet Masteryand all ofthe bonuses- I will immediately refund your entire investment – no questions asked!

Bracelet Making

So if you are set to learn how to make bracelets on your own and save 73% or more for each…

Bracelet Making  and start making gorgeous bracelets!

Bracelet Making

There is no need to wait for shipping when you can get the information you want directly to your email inbox within the next 5 minutes!


And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Just click the Bracelet Making  button in the menu above. I am here to help you learn how to make bracelets TODAY!

To your bracelet making success!

Bracelet Making

Alakendra Phary

Bracelet Enthusiast & Founder – Dome Creations Inc.


Bracelet Making : Don’t forget there is NOTHING the Bracelet Mastery on the market.

Bracelet Making This is the first time anyone has offered a guide where all the information you could possibly want on bracelets: patterns, instructions, jewelry, beads, trouble-shooting has been pulled together to save your time and give you amazing results.

It took us over 96 pages to address all that you told us you wanted to know!

All of this is now but a click away from being at your finger tips.

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